• iCash Register
    Perfect For Your Shop
    • Journal display with description
    • Discount option for line item discount
    • Line void and cancel option
    • Daily sales reports
    • Bold, Clean Design
    This is the best cash register app is a real working
    cash register. The rest are NOT even close to this one!
  • Cloud Application
    Mobile to Desktops, Everything Looks Perfect
    The updated version, version 2.0 is a huge
    improvement from the previous version. I hope the
    upcoming improvements do not take as long as this
    updated version did. You're heading in the right
    Carl Knight
  • Clean, Bold and Modern Design
    Commented and Modular Code
    This is exactly what my business needs. Very easy to
    use; I learned it in 5 minutes. This works just like a
    cash register at a miniscule price and is easier to use.
    I need to print receipss as well so can't wait for the
iCashRegister 1.0 is a fully functional cash register on your iPad. This app is perfect for small businesses and shop owners. Download iCashRegister app on your iPad, start ringing transactions in style.